Euroclear stellt Studie zu Blockchain Nutzung in Kaptialmäkten vor – Euroclear presents report about blockchain and capital markets

Euroclear:  “Blockchain in Capital Markets: the Prize and the Journey.” „This joint report by Euroclear and Oliver Wyman aims to help leaders in capital markets to understand the potential of blockchain technology while laying out the paths for its adoption, and presenting the decisions that are required by capital markets firms today. A closer look […]

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Frog Design nennt Blockchain als Tech Trend 2016

Tech Trends 2016 Blockchain Beyond Bitcoin Blockchain will mature beyond the enabling technology behind Bitcoin. Recent investments in the crypto-tech space will begin to bear fruit as initial application development platforms and use cases prove themselves in the market. No one will be safe from disruption as blockchain applications push beyond just payments into healthcare, […]

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