Dezember 18, 2016

Bloomberg 16 Dec … Blockchain-style ledgers can log changes to files stored online.

Bloomberg report about use of blockchains in Estonia and Guardtime technology….

…The tiny Baltic nation of Estonia is a strong contender for the title of most digital society. Its citizens can vote, file income taxes, check health records, and register a business in a matter of minutes, all from their living rooms. Skype was born there, as was the early file-sharing software Kazaa. So Estonia was a natural home for Guardtime, whose unique approach to cybersecurity is rooted in blockchain, the digital-ledger software underlying electronic currencies like bitcoin.

Guardtime developed its technology to address one of the risks that came with Estonia’s leap into e-governance, a newfound vulnerability to hackers and data loss. The company sees fresh opportunity in a similar transition that affects every government and most businesses: the move into the cloud….

Whether you’re worried about a document stored on a cloud server or the software that makes a machine run, Guardtime’s technology fingerprints that data, creating 80-digit numeric strings to represent different parts of it. Its software then encrypts them into unique codes added to its blockchain. The encryption software runs simultaneously on a network of approved computers, which notice changes to the codes if anyone tries to access the data and can alert security staff.


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